Criteria for Opening Educational Unit

Read Criteria and Apply for Opening Unit

To form a educational unit in any Bangladeshi institute, you have to meet criteria given below:

Our Institution unit committee Members includes representatives from University, College, Polytechnic Institution sector. Together, these members help steer our priorities and help us figure out the best way to build a better Internet among students and learning to proper use of Internet. The more diverse voices we have, the more effective we’ll be when it comes to influencing policy and promoting best practices. Your membership and committee will be responsible to accomplishing these goals.

You have to abide by and follow that "We envision a future in which people in all parts of the world can use the Internet to improve their quality of life, because standards, technologies, business practices, and government policies sustain an open and universally accessible platform for innovation, creativity, and economic opportunity."

Skills for Committee Members

Internet Technology and Standard
Research and Development
Community Build-up

Mention the below informations in your CV

Gain access and priviledge to Internet Society conferences, educational events, and other unique opportunities by providing your Technology related skills. As a member of the Internet Society you also have the chance to be a part of an incredible network of fresh-thinkers and advocates for a sustainable, healthy Internet.

  • Technology or any related social involvement and charity
  • How much time you can spend for Internet Society (Hours in a week)
  • Honors and Achievements
  • Extra-curricular Skills
  • Technology Skills
  • Event Organized or Participated

Activities of Educational Committee

  • Organizing Workshop, Seminar, Event and trainings as per the instruction of Central Committee
  • Community build up among students for research and developement
  • Develop their understanding of right and wrong of Internet
  • Making awareness for safe internet and building trust on it.
  • Gender equality on Technology
  • Making possible as Internet for All.