ISOC Global Volunteer Training Program 2020

1. Selection Committee

      - Md Jahangir Hossain (Board Member, & Co-coordinator)

      - Mohammad Kawsar Uddin (General Secretary)

      - Rahman Khan (Board Member)

2. Proposed selection criteria for the trainees.

      - Have basic knowledge on related subject.

      - Be willing to cooperate with and support the local Chapter.

      - Commit to developing an initiative in coordination with the local Chapter and instructor at the end of the course.

      - Not have participated in any Internet Society learning program in the last two years.

      - Earlier engagement with chapter local activities will be given priority.

3. Chapter will select a maximum of Ten trainees (Minimum of 1 and a Maximum of 10)

      - 2 trainee for Shaping the Internet

      - 2 trainee for Securing Global Routing

      - 2 trainee for Building Community Networks

      - 2 trainee for Open Standards Everywhere

      - 2 trainee for Encryption

Final Selected Trainees of ISOC Global Volunteer Training Program 2020

S/L Course Name Trainee Name Employer Stakeholder
1 Shaping the Internet Mr. Mohammad Uddin Daily Sangbad Civil Society
2 Shaping the Internet Mr. Shah Rahman cWork Microjob Ltd Civil Society
3 Securing Global Routing Ms. Effat Nadia Metronet Bangladesh Limited Technical
4 Securing Global Routing Mr. Farhad Ahmed Cisco Systems Bangladesh Technical
5 Building Community Networks Mr. Abdullah Mamun Maryam IT Solution Technical
6 Building Community Networks Mr. Mohammed Islam Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited Bangladesh Technical
7 Open Standards Everywhere Mr. Md. Mahedi Hasan University of Dhaka Academia
8 Open Standards Everywhere Mr. Humayun Kabir Mamun Intellier Ltd. Technical
9 Encryption Dr. Md. Nadir Bin Ali Daffodil International University Academia
10 Encryption Mr. Annajiat Alim Rasel BRAC University Academia

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